Sponsor A Child

As a Sponsor you will help educate a child of poor family. You Can sponsor as many children as you wish.
Sponsorship programme:
Education Level Amount Duration
Primary School level (1st to 5th std.) Rs. 12,000 per year
* School Fee included Uniform, books, stationary and other admin. charges
Compuer Courses Amount Duration
Short - term course Rs. 4500 3- month course
One year Diploma course Rs. 9000 1-year
* Course Fee including Books, Stationary and other admin. charges.
Please note:
- Sponsors will receive a photo and personal information about the child they are helping including information about how to correspond with their child.
- Sponsor is free to select the child according to age and gender.
- All the details of the sponsor will be displayed in the website if they desire.
- 100% of the sponsorship payment will be used for the child.
- Annual progress report of the child will be provided to the sponsor.
If you want to sponsor a Child for Education, Pl. E-mail your Name, Address, Contact No, Country, Occupation at : [email protected]