AIDS Educational Programme

AIDS is a fatal disease as it destroys the immune system of the human body. It is the consequence of Trojan referred to as HIV. This specific disease is actually also hidden which enable it to stop in kick the bucket entire body for many years with each other with no exhibiting virtually any signs or symptoms. AIDS would be the very last level regarding contamination in the virus. it takes at least 10 years of period getting infected with HIV. The first case of a person with AIDS was found in America which spread as a dreadfully disease in many countries like France, Belgium, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe etc. In India, it was reported later.

HIV is really a quick distribution illness on the planet. As per the reports of IHO, women and children are found to be more. The very best numbers of SUPPORTS conditions are normally found within Mumbai within of India and is also strongly accompanied by Chennai, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Kolhapur. Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Delhi have a number of HIV cases being reported in die recent years.

Depending on die widespread misconception, HIV disease just isn't distributing because is measles, chicken pox, tuberculosis, cholera, affect, and smallpox for example. The infection mainly propagates by using a erectile path or maybe blood to be able to blood speak to HIV spreads mostly via sex relationship-whether heterosexual or lgbt with an afflicted spouse, transfusion of HIV infected blood vessels along with blood vessels products, using infected syringes. or needles and is passed on by an infected mother to her unborn child. It is not like that HIV spreads through mosquitoes, embracing, holding, touching or kissing each other, shaking hands, coughing, sneezing, spitting, sharing of public toilets or swimming pools, etc.

AIDS is caused by a slow process. The HIV infection may show general symptoms like fever, body ache or headache. Other symptoms can be fatigue, weight-loss, chronic diarrhea, prolonged fever, cough, night sweats etc. The past point regarding kick the bucket illness will take at the very least ten years in order to end in PRODUCTS. Die patient's immune system is totally destroyed and the person gets infected by various diseases.

A couple assessments are accomplished in order to ensure HIV infection—ELISA in addition to Western Mark. ELISA is easy as well as the final results. can be known within a few hours but Western Blot is difficult, expensive and time consuming. Awareness about the disease should be created. Schools and colleges can be a Very effective medium of creating awareness among the students. These youths can be involved in spreading awareness among society. HIV patients need to be cared with empathy and die with self respect.