Make A Donation To Searve the Our Nation...


We think it should be obvious. We live in a world where, unfortunately, you basically have to pay to be able to survive, or live. It does not matter if you are a newly born or an old person, you have to pay or have someone pay for you to be able to exist.


Poor people just can not afford good nutrition, health care, transport communications, not to mention housing and clothes. Many poor people actually starve, endure winters without heating, have no place to live and survive off on the crumbs from other people.


If some one poor they have insufficient wealth to meet the necessities or “comforts” of life. There existence is deficient and lacking in resources to live. they live in a manner that should not be considered acceptable in today's society.


So we all from Career educational & welfare society requesting to you all please help poor people to make fulfill there dreams.

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