Lets promise to fullfill the dreams in these EYE!


  • Gift cards for places with food, clothing, other necessities.
  • Decent walking shoes with good soles and decent boots in the winter.
  • Sleeping bags/blankets/space blankets/sleeping mats/think camping and survival
  • Coffee, Cocoa, Hot tea in winter is always appreciated
  • A surprise bag filled with some foods and other useful items. Not only provides for needs but they know someone out there cares about them; that can be worth so much to those who are pretty invisible to everyone and treated so poorly when noticed…receiving a gift like this is almost like any festivle or Birthday gift to them.
  •  Be a voice and speak up for them, get active in your community to advocate for positive changes in their lives. They have no voice, be a conduit for their muted voices to be heard!
  • Ask what they need, every case is a bit different. While their needs are fairly similar some with have different needs that are unmet.

Lower-income but homed

  • Pretty much anything you no longer use, need or want that is in decent condition can help.
  • Gift Cards for grocery stores or groceries
  • Hammy downs - especially if they have kids can go a long way in helping. Old clothes can also be repurposed into quilts or other pieces of clothing as well if given to the right person.
  • If you’re buying new furniture but the old set is still decent - Find someone poor who could use it.
  • Ask, again it is possible for people to have various different needs that are unmet. Asking is a sure way to find out what they really need the most..